How to Plan, Draft, Write, and Finish a PhD Dissertation

PhD Dissertation
The preparation of a PhD thesis is a complex, and difficult process. This is because you cannot just start writing PhD dissertation. You have to put in a lot of effort, and hard work for completing a PhD dissertation. You have to plan, and structure everything you’re going to do in the PhD dissertation as well. It is difficult because you have to examine, and get it published too. This article presents you with a guide on how to plan, draft, write, and finish a PhD dissertation.


All types of dissertations consist of different parts, or sections. You have to plan a lot of things beforehand within this context. If you don’t plan things earlier, you may not reach anywhere. Hence you should plan how many chapters you’re going to write within the dissertation.

You have to decide a lot of things while planning the PhD dissertation. You’ll also have to select the total word count of the dissertation. Another thing to note is how this will be divided among the different chapters that you’ve decided. How many research questions you will create. Decide from where you’ll start your dissertation. Plan which topics you will cover first. Plan where will you end your PhD dissertation. Search a lot, and learn how you should manage it before planning your PhD thesis. At this stage, plan everything that you’ll be doing in your dissertation. Plan which methods and techniques you will use for carrying out your research as well. Plan every stage, and what will you do at that stage as well.


After planning, the next stage is the drafting of your PhD dissertation. In this stage, you decide in which way you will order your thesis section, parts, chapters, or even topics. Your sequence of the chapters and sections should be logical in this aspect. This is because it’s a must to ensure that your dissertation is well organised, and structured. This will help you in staying on track with your dissertation process.

Different student drafts their PhD dissertation in different ways. They may write chapter 2 or 3 before writing chapter 1. It is easy for them to write certain chapters, so they select as per their choice. Some students find chapter 5, whereas others find chapter 3 or 6 difficult. If you write your chapters without sequence, you’ll create a dissertation that's incoherent. That is why a better designed, and structured dissertation and chapter ensures good results. If you don’t write your dissertation in a designed or structured way, it will bring forth issues for you. These issues will make it difficult for you to connect the different chapters, and pieces of information together.

Make the drafts of your dissertation in a structured way, even if they’re rough. Prepare a different draft of your thesis in a structured manner. Then try to build a connection between them. It should be like this because you will compile these drafts to form your PhD dissertation.

Writing the Dissertation

The next step after planning, and drafting your PhD dissertation is the writing of your dissertation. This is the most significant stage of the dissertation. You have to pay extra attention to this part of. To ensure this, you should learn how to write your PhD dissertation before actually writing it. You should know what to do, and what to avoid as well. Check some samples of PhD dissertations that are related to your area of study for getting a better idea in this aspect. Your writing style should not be boring, or monotonous. To avoid this, add some attractiveness to your work by using a critical tone. Do not use the passive voice where you can use active voice. Do not use adjectives, and if you find them within your drafts, delete them. Try not to use adverbs while writing your dissertation as this is also a tip for ensuring effectiveness.

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Start working on a new chapter after completing the previous chapter. Work on a single chapter at a time because it will be fresh within your mind. You will be able to work on it in a better way through this context. Critically analyse every draft after writing it. You should also read it with focus to spot, and correct any errors. All your efforts will be presented through the dissertation so pay extra attention to dissertation writing. Check each and every part of your PhD dissertation. Checking the paragraphs, evidence provided, and the text written are some examples to consider here. If you are unsure about your research writing skills, then do not hesitate to get “PhD dissertation help”

Completion phase

This is the last stage for the preparation of your PhD dissertation. All the chapters have been completed. Now you just have to compile them in the form of a dissertation. This stage releases your stress. Because you have something ready which you’ve been working on for a specific period. At this stage you can compile all the chapters, print them, and check them once more before submitting, and publishing them.

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