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How to Plan, Draft, Write, and Finish a PhD Dissertation

The preparation of a PhD thesis is a complex, and difficult process. This is because you cannot just start writing PhD dissertation . You have to put in a lot of effort, and hard work for completing a PhD dissertation. You have to plan, and structure everything you’re going to do in the PhD dissertation as well. It is difficult because you have to examine, and get it published too. This article presents you with a guide on how to plan, draft, write, and finish a PhD dissertation. Plan All types of dissertations consist of different parts, or sections. You have to plan a lot of things beforehand within this context. If you don’t plan things earlier, you may not reach anywhere. Hence you should plan how many chapters you’re going to write within the dissertation. You have to decide a lot of things while planning the PhD dissertation. You’ll also have to select the total word count of the dissertation. Another thing to note is how this will be divided among the different chapters that yo